Severe ocular disorders are affecting the lives of more than 100Mill people world-wide and at least 25% of the population above 70 years of age, a growing demographic group in EU. More than 8 million people lose their lives to cancer every year, making cancer a leading cause of pre-mature mortality in the world. The main hallmarks of severe eye conditions (i.e angiogenesis, inflammation and vascular permeability) play also pivotal roles in cancer, being therapeutic targets to treat both kind of diseases.

The overall goal of 3D-NEONET is the improvement of available treatments for cancer and ocular disease by enhancing drug discovery-development and delivery to targeted tissues, through advanced international co-operation between academic and non-academic partners. The interdisciplinary expertise provided by 18 partners in 7 countries encompasses among others: drug screens, ADME, toxicology, preclinical models, nanotechnology, biomaterials and clinical trials.


UCD (Coordinator),Universidad De Valladolid, Linkopings Universitet, TCD, Laboratorio Iberico Internacional De Nanotecnologia, NUI Galway, Queen’s, University, Universidad Complutense De Madrid, Karlsruher Institut Fuer Technologie, Zeclinics SL, Lentimed Medical Devices SL, Experimental Pharmacology and Oncology Berlin-Buch GmbH, Xenopat SL, ECM Ingenieria Ambiental SL, Icon Clinical Research LTD, Ocupharm Diagnostics SL, Ashland Specialties Ireland LTD.

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