PE-Secondary School Resources 'Strength in Science'

Physical inactivity is one of the leading risk factors for poor health and is now identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. In Ireland, physical inactivity is thought to be responsible for 8.8% of the burden of disease from coronary artery disease, and 10.9% of type 2 diabetes.
Currently, only 8% of female secondary students in Ireland receive the Department of Education and Skills (DES) recommended 60 minutes of Physical Education (PE) per week. The goal of the “Strength in Science” project is to develop cross-curricular resources for science and PE teachers that are linked with the Junior Cycle Science and PE curricula which will increase girls’ interest in both learning science and participating in exercise. We hope to make science more personal and relevant to teenage girls by linking how the biology and physics involved in exercise affects their health.
The lesson plan kits present fun and unique ways to participate in exercise and the scientific effects that different exercises have on the body. The suggested activities can be used to teach the Health-Related Activity area of study in the Junior Cycle PE Curriculum. Alternatively, the videos and flyers can be used to complement activities in other PE areas of study such as Athletics, Gymnastics, and Dance.  
Each of the lesson plan kits include the following resources:
1) A lesson plan for teachers with activities linked relevant PE Areas of study;
2) A ~6 minute video featuring female senior scientists and doctors speaking about their research and the science behind the effects of exercise on the body;
3) An accompanying flyer covering the content of the video.
There is also an Instructor booklet which presents fun and unique ways to participate  in exercise and includes contact details for fitness instructors who work with teenagers in the Galway and Dublin areas. It also includes the scientific effects that each exercise has on the body. 

Strength in Science Resources

The Effects of Exercise on the Heart and Blood Vessels Heart Flyer                Heart Lesson Plans     
The Effects on Exercise on the Blood Blood Flyer     Blood Lesson Plans
The Effects of Dance on the Brain Brain Flyer Brain Lesson Plans
The Effects of Impact Exercises on Bones Bones Flyer Bones Lesson Plans

Strength in Science Films

The Effects of Exercise on the Heart and Blood Vessels

The Effects of Exercise on the Brain

The Effects of Exercise on the Blood

The Effects of Exercise on the Bones