CÚRAMs Teachers in Residence programme  supports both primary and secondary school teachers in science education and promotes equal opportunities in science for all students in the classrooom. The programme has ten places available annually, for five primary and five secondary school teachers to participate with priority given to teachers from DEIS schools.

Teachers work directly with researchers  to develop content for the classroom, while learning about the medical device research being carried out at CÚRAM that will improve the quality of life for patients with chronic illnesses like Parkinson’s and heart disease. During the residency, teachers will be introduced to and linked to the range of educational resources provided by Science Foundation Ireland and to the ReelLife Science video competition for primary and secondary schools. A guest speaker will  lead a discussion around encouraging equal opportunities in STEM careers for both boys and girls and teachers will also have the opportunity to attend educational workshops with their students, run by CÚRAM, during the Galway Science and Technology Festival.

The next enrolment for the Teachers in Residence programme will begin in September 2017.  Lesson plans and classroom activities developed during the programme  will be shared with all participants and online. The resources developed will constitute a ‘learning module’ about CÚRAM and MedTech in Ireland, that links with multiple streams and themes in the primary and junior cycle curricula. To apply for a place or to find out more please contact sarah.gundy@nuigalway.ie 

Download a sample lesson plan on Medical Devices Teachers Lesson Plan 1