Art and Science Programme Testimonials

Artist Feedback

“The direction of the research was influenced by my interactions with the scientists and the materials in the laboratory. This exchange of information proved integral to the outcome of my work.

Magical things can happen when you work with someone from a different discipline, where one person sees a problem the other can usually see the solution.”

Siobhan McGibbon, Artist in Residence 2015

 “Initially, six months sounded like ample time to create work for a show. However, in reality I was learning about and involved in scientific, lab-based procedures of which I had no prior experience.

Access to the CÚRAM labs allowed me to research this area further with new methods I would never be able to access on my own, ie, live video imaging of neurons, exploring new materials, and weekly discussions with scientists. I have never worked in lab environment before so it was an interesting learning curve for me. I really respect the discipline and perfection the scientists bring to their work.”

Joanna Hopkins, Artist in Residence 2015

 Researcher Feedback

“It’s quite nice and I think we should keep doing it because it gives us another perspective of things and a more holistic view of what we do.”

Catalina Vallejo Giraldo, PhD Candidate at CÚRAM

 “I found Culture Night very interesting, I spoke with a range of different members of the public, with different levels of science, I guess.  It was very interesting to learn their understanding and thoughts about the research that we do here in Galway.”

James Britton, PhD candidate, CÚRAM

 “The atmosphere was very cosy.  I think this was also thanks to the soup that we were offering.  An artist has another point of view of the situation so it was a nice exchange. I think it was a great experience that has to be repeated.”

Eugenia Pugliese, PhD candidate, CÚRAM

 “Culture Night was a nice experience.  People, they may have questions, a different point of view, a more generic point of view while we work in something which is more specific.  People understood my research because I was trying to explain with simple words and without going into detail. Art and science can work together. Maybe they are two different ways of describing or seeing basically the same thing.”

Valeria Graceffa, PhD candidate, CÚRAM